About us

Building great homes and transforming neighbourhoods and lives is only part of our story – we’re also helping people to get the most out of life.

Who we are

There’s more to Barony than just renting homes and care. We're proud to be part of Wheatley Group which allows us to create ‘Better Homes, Better Lives’.

How we do business

We work closely with the Scottish Housing Regulator and other organisations. Find out how we are governed and who we work with to deliver a great service to customers.


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We’re committed to delivering high standards of corporate governance. Good governance is important as it makes sure Barony is well run, we manage our resources well and that we provide a great service to customers.


Regeneration isn’t just about bringing forgotten pieces of land back to life or building new homes. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring real economic and social benefit to people in our communities and to help transform lives.

Access to information

Find out how to access the information we hold about you and the services we provide.