We aim to deliver excellent services – and we set targets to measure how we’re doing.

The Scottish Housing Regulator expects all social landlords, including Barony, to perform well and monitors what we do.

The Scottish Social Housing Charter sets the standards and outcomes that all social landlords should aim to achieve when performing their housing activities.

We report each year on our performance against these standards and outcomes. This is called the Annual Return on the Charter.

Here are our latest performance figures: 

  • percentage of tenants satisfied with the overall service provided by Barony – 91%
  • reactive repairs completed right first time – 96.43% (target 96.5%)
  • average time to let homes – 8.55 days (target 17 days)
  • gross rent arrears – 4.83% (target 4.5%)
  • new tenancies sustained for more than a year – 90.48% (target 85%)
  • average time taken to complete non-emergency repairs - 4.41 days (target 6 days)
  • average time taken to complete emergency repairs - 2.56 hours (target 3.5 hours).