New rap track is music to Mikey's ears

Barony tenant Mikey Davies is proving that music really does have the power to heal.

Rap star Mickey

The 33 year-old rapper, from Bathgate, has been busy recording new songs with a little help from Barony.

Mikey, who MC’s under the name Mikey D, made waves on the Scottish hip hop scene as a teenager, but stopped making music when he experienced mental illness.

He started getting back into music when he moved into Barony’s Mill Court supported living service.

He said: "I started with my music when I was 14, I got really in to mc-ing and got some big shows at that young age but then things in my life meant I forgot about it and couldn't get back into it."

"Through circumstances and mental health challenges I didn't do much music but then got moved here and doing it again.

“I’m getting the right support and meeting the right people. I’ve never known any support like it. They give you the support you need in all aspects of your life. It’s made my life full.”

He teamed up with Barony after hearing music produced through the Ensemble project, which challenges mental health stigma through song writing.

He said: “I’ve been really getting back into my music now. It’s been amazing working on songs. Doing music makes me feel on top of the world.

“I’d love to get my music to the mainstream but I just want more and more people to hear it”.

To hear one of Mikey’s tracks for free, just visit

Tuesday, April 03, 2018