Pay rent on time

Make sure you pay your rent on time, every time. Don’t put your home at risk.

Rent campaign - Pay your rent on time every time letterbox Barony

The vast majority of our tenants pay their rent on time, but we know it’s not always easy – especially at this difficult time.

But it’s so important you pay your rent so you are not at risk of losing your home.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, come and talk to us. We can help.

Your rent pays for vital Barony services, including repairs, tackling anti-social behaviour and our 24/7 customer contact centre.

Rent also pays for services such as our welfare benefits and fuel advisors, and the support we provide to help people into jobs and training.

Our helpful staff are here to give you support and advice.

  • If your circumstances change and you have to claim Universal Credit, you need to make a claim straight away. With Universal Credit every day counts. We can help you make a claim. It will then be up to you to pay your rent in full.
  • Struggling with rent debt? We can help. Talk to us about a repayment plan. We’ll help you out of debt with a plan you can afford.
  • Direct Debit is the best way to pay your rent. Always check there’s enough money in your bank to cover every Direct Debit.
  • Signed up for MySavings yet? MySavings can help with the cost of running a home by making your money go further. It’s easy to use – just log in to your My Barony online account and register for MySavings. There is money off everything from food and clothing to electrical goods and more.

We’re already helping lots of tenants with everything from rent debt and Universal Credit to signing up for MySavings. We’re here for you 24/7. Get in touch today: